AI studio faqs

you have questions, we have answers.

question: I'm on a free plan, how many free photos can I generate? 

answer: you can generate 40 photos on a free plan and download a low-res/watermarked version of your edited content. 

question: I'm a paid subscriber, how many photos can I generate?

answer: if you are on a BASIC plan, you can generate 500 photos in AI studio per month. if you are on a PRO or BUSINESS plan, you have unlimited photo generations in the AI studio. go wild! 

question: does the content I create in AI studio count towards my soona digital storage limit?

answer: yes, any content you generate in the AI studio counts towards your soona digital storage limit. 

question: can I upload my own content to the AI studio? 

answer: you betcha! navigate to the media editor tab on the left hand side of your dashboard and then select AI studio. this will prompt you to upload photos. 

question: can I edit soona-generated content in the AI studio?

answer: you betcha! navigate to your gallery and select any of your edited soona photos.  on the left hand side of your photo, select AI studio. this will launch you into the studio. 

question: I don't see a template I'm looking for in the AI studio, how can I request that you add one? 

answer: feel free to send your requests to and we will note them for our upcoming releases. 

question: the AI studio added something I don't want to the image. is there a way to remove it? 

answer: yes! if you wanted to add a jaguar cat to the photo, but the AI studio added a Jaguar (car) you can type "jaguar -car" in the scene input field (don't forget the minus sign!) and it will remove it from the image. 

question:  how many images can I generate at a time?

answer: you can generate 1, 2 or 4 images at a time. when you're in the AI studio, you can select "studio options" on the bottom left hand of the screen. from there, you can change the number of images you generate each time.


question: where do my photo generations save to? 

answer: as you generate images, they will be uploaded to the "recents" album of media editor. 

question: why is my content hidden?

answer: creating NSFW or explicit content is not allowed with AI studio, if we detect an image that may be explicit we will hide it and refund your credit. if you are not sure why you are continually generating hidden images, try tweaking the prompt or elements in the scene and generating again.

question: I ran out of photo generations, how can I get more?

answer: you can subscribe to either the BASIC soona plan and receive 500 photo generations per month or the PRO / BUSINESS plans to receive unlimited photo generations. at this time you cannot buy additional photo generations. 

question: if I cancel my subscription, will I lose any photo generations I have left?

answer: if you cancel your subscription, you will have your photo generations until the end of your billing period. 

question: why does the image look fake & 3D rendered?

answer: to achieve a maximum of photorealism, the AI will always try match the mood, lighting and properties of the scene to your product. this also means that it has learned that if one element (like your product) looks fake, 3D or like a mockup, the whole scene also might have been generated with 3D and match that look.

question: I'm having an issue with the AI studio, how can I get help?

answer: to reach support, please email or text us at 512-270-3331.