how do we schedule you?

here's how scheduling works at soona

I booked my shoot! how does scheduling work?

  1. book your shoot 📚
  2. ship us your product 📦
  3. we schedule you for our first available date + time! 📆

when your product gets delivered to our studio, our inventory team will:

- unpack the product 🥡

- ensure everything that was delivered is photo ready 📸

- take quick photos of the product 🤳

- add those photos to the inventory section of your booking ✅

⬆️ this process is called intake.

once intake is complete, this notifies our scheduling team that the booking is ready to get on the calendar! yay! 🥳

our scheduling team will:

- review your booking 🕵️‍♀️

- coordinate your pro-services (if you added any) 💃

- get you on the calendar for our first available date and time 📅

you will receive an email with your scheduled date and time once we have you on the calendar. if that time does not work for you, please respond to the email directly and let us know you'd like to reschedule. in the event that you need to reschedule, we require 2 business days notice. 

 participation is required on all shoots, so please ensure the time you were scheduled for works within your calendar! if not, our customer support team is happy to help reschedule.

please note: we can reschedule your shoot only once.  if you need to reschedule an additional time, we ask that you cancel your booking by reaching out to us at