new Shopify integration

welcome to the newest Shopify and soona integration!

how do I migrate my account?

existing “soona Shopify accounts” will continue to access their soona accounts as you always have - either from the soona Shopify app in Shopify, or from using the "log in with Shopify" button on the log-in page

note: if you are an existing Shopify client - it is recommended that you refresh your product import page when you log in

how do I import my Shopify products to soona?

from the product page, select "import from Shopify" and open app


how do I refresh my products within soona?

  1. navigate to your Shopify store manager and add a new product

  2. on the products page, click the "manage accounts" link

  3. next to your store name, click the "..." and select "refresh" 

4. close the modal and refresh the page

how do I export media to my Shopify listing?

you can now export photos straight from your gallery to your Shopify listing!

1. navigate to your gallery and select the edited image you want to use

2. select "publish" from the media view and then click "publish to Shopify

3. select a product to update the image for on Shopify

4. select an image slot for the product to add the soona image to and click publish 

payments and the store selector

paying for bookings will look slightly different than before -

1. navigate to the booking flow on

2. on the booking confirmation page, select the "billed Shopify shop" dropdown and select a store

3. select "confirm & pay"

4. you will be redirected to Shopify to approve the charge and then redirected back to soona

how do I uninstall the soona app? 

1. on the products page click the "manage accounts" link

2. next to your store click the "..." and select "manage

3. you will be redirected to Shopify, where you can uninstall