photo premium edits

what is included with standard editing?

all images in your gallery appear as raw + unedited files. after purchase: we edit and deliver in 24 hours!

each $39 photo includes touch ups like exposure correction, color correction, and one crop - these touch ups bring your photos to life from their raw state!

every image is delivered in your gallery in 2 versions: hi res + web size JPEGs.

at checkout, leave notes for your editor as well as select editing add-ons at $9 each for more custom editing.

product touch up ($9)

  • touch up label
  • remove dust, scratches, dents, blemishes
  • remove glare or reflection (unless it is reflection of soona equipment) 
  • change color or match a product to a specific HEX color code
  • fill/seal a product or packaging
  • remove air bubbles

change background color / pure white ($9)

  • #FFFFFF pure white backgrounds (such as an Amazon hero image)
    • photos shot on white backdrop without add-on will be on #f9f9f9 (off white)
  • match an exact HEX color code
  • change the background to a solid color of your choice
note: if you want the original backdrop color as well as a different background, please include in your notes

transparent background ($9)

  • a transparent .PNG cutout of the product 
    • with or without props
    • does not include shadows
    • does not include a pure white background
    • includes a standard edit JPEG of the photo (please include this request in your editing notes) 
  • receiving a transparent PNG with transparent shadows
    • this requires a transparent background add on + a photoshop add on ($18 total)

create pattern ($9)

smooth skin ($9)

  • can range from light to heavy
    • our editing team will do medium if not specified in notes

buy the raw ($9)

  • receive the original CR2 file
  • can use this add on to purchase the single-layered TIFF file
    • soona does NOT sell PSD files or layered files
    video RAWs (.mov) are $19
delivery: this includes delivery of an edited JPEG and the RAW file. you can also request TIFFs. if RAW and TIFF is wanted, you will need 2 RAW add on charges

photoshop it ($9)

  • composites
    • buy both photos ($39 each) and a photoshop it add on for EACH photo used ($9 each)
  • add shadows on transparent background PNGs
  • shadow removal or manipulation on JPGs
  • change the color of / remove a prop
  • add basic text
  • add graphics (provided by you!)
  • adding arrows or simple elements
  • swapping products
  • removing props (if possible). 
    if props obscure the product we cannot remove them