post production glossary

Not sure how to ask for what you need? Here are some common post-production terms to help you with the editing lingo! You will be fluent in post-production talk in no time.

exposure - the recording of an image so that it isn't too bright or too dark. exposure correction is included in soona's standard edits.

composition - how objects are arranged or placed in an image. heads up! changing the composition of an image is outside of the soona editing scope. adjustments to the composition should be made on the live shoot.

white balance - fixing the colors in a photo or video so that they look more natural and accurate. white balance helps to adjust the colors so that white objects actually look white, regardless of the lighting.

seamless crop - extending the existing background by removing unwanted or unnecessary parts of an image so the final image background looks smooth and natural, without any visible edges or inconsistencies. seamless crops and background extensions on colored backdrops are included in soona's standard edits!

ratios - the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. common ratios include 9:16, 3:4, or 1:1 (square).

depth of field - the range of distance within a photograph or video where objects appear acceptably sharp and in focus. it is controlled by factors such as the aperture setting, focal length, and distance between the camera and the subject.

macro lens - a specialized type of lens used in photography to capture extremely close-up shots of small subjects with great detail. if you would like macro lens shots to capture close-up, detailed images of your products, please request this before or during the live shoot as this cannot be adjusted during post-production.

video vs. still camera - video cameras record a continuous sequence of images, creating a moving video with motion. still cameras capture one frame and a single image. if you would like to create a moving asset from still images, we offer GIFs which can include up to 4 still images.

file types -

  • JPEG/JPG: a compressed file format for images. soona images are delivered as a full-resolution JPEG (6720 × 4480) and one web JPEG optimized for web use.

  • PNG: these files support images with cut-out or transparent backgrounds. they are often used for web graphics as well. you can purchase a transparent background PNG with the $9 "transparent background" premium edit.

  • GIF: A format that supports animation and limited colors, commonly used for simple animations and graphics. our GIFs support up to 4 still images.

  • TIFF: A versatile file format that preserves high-quality images with large file sizes. single-layer TIFFs can be requested in addition to the RAW file.

  • RAW: a RAW file is an uncompressed version of the image file straight out of the camera! you can select the $9 "buy the RAW" premium edit at checkout to receive this file in addition to the regular JPEG.

  • MP4: A multimedia format for videos that offers good quality with efficient compression. all soona video clips are delivered as MP4s.

grey cards vs. color cards - grey cards are used to establish a consistent reference point for exposure and white balance as where color cards are used for color correction. our photographers capture grey cards and color cards for each scene to ensure we can make the necessary adjustments during post-production.


Let us know if you have any other questions or need further clarification on anything! You can reach out to for further assistance from our support team.