solving wrong cutouts

if the AI did not remove the background as expected:

when using AI studio, the AI removes the background automatically and leaves you with the cutout. in 99% of cases, this works flawlessly. however, there are some rare cases where this fails.


there are several reasons why this could happen:

  1. even a human would not know. a company that sells decorations might upload a table with decorations and expects the table to be removed, while a furniture company would like to have the table only. the AI has to decide and might guess wrong what you need
  2. sometimes the cutout is harder when the object and the background are of a similar color and/or brightness.
    1. this is especially true with glass and transparent objects.
  3. if you have multiple objects in your photo, the AI might cut out all of them or just one

how to solve this:

if the AI detects that the uploaded image is already cut out (the edges of the corners are already transparent), it will not remove anything.

  • try to remove the background of your image first, then come back to AI studio 
  • if the quality of the cutout is low, try another photo of your product or one with a higher resolution