video premium edits

pro edit ($99 per deliverable)

required when combining multiple video clips shot at soona. 

  • if you are combining 2 clips or 20 clips into 1 final video: 1 $99 pro edit add on needed. 
  • ex: combining 4 clips together to produce one final edited video = the cost of the 4 clips + 1 $99 pro edit 
  • all clips you’d like included in a single edit must be purchased (including if just using the audio) 

the $99 pro edit is also required if you’d like to speed up your video clip or trim within the video clip (such as cutting out the middle of the clip).

you may request the individual clips in addition to the pro edit for no additional cost.

how much is it to add voice over?

voice over may be added to your video with the $99 pro edit. if you provide the voice-over yourself (such as from a third party website), it is considered a music add on charge for $49. if the voice over was shot at soona, the clip must be purchased from the gallery. if you’d like to shoot voice over at soona, it requires a booking with a model and audio buyout.

what if I need the video revised?

this add-on includes one round of revision. additional rounds of revision are $99.

what if I want part of the video in slow motion?

we can do this at no extra cost, please communicate to your team that you would like slow motion during the shoot as the video must also be shot at 60fps or higher.

add audio ($49)

  • can be used to add music to GIFs, stop motion video and live action videos
  • 1 music add on is required per track
  • required to include voice over
  • required to include sound effects (provided by you!)
  • music can be found by soona via or provided by you
    • you can browse the music section of and send us the name of the artist/song title you like
note: if you want voiceover and audio, that is $49 each.

add graphics ($49)

all logos and graphics must be provided by you! we will follow your notes to add the graphic where you’d like in your video: 

  • add a logo, photo slide or text animation
  • add a beginning or end title slide
  •  add a video or animation provided by you (from an outside source)
  • each graphic needed requires separate graphics add-on 
    • ex: 1 title slides, 1 ending slide and 1 logo in the corner = 3 graphics add-ons)

add text ($9/line)

  • $9 per line of text (text as it appears on the screen at once)
    • a header and subheader: 1 line
    • bullet point list: 1 line
    • 1 sentence broken up to appear on one screen, then the 2nd half appear after is considered 2 lines of text and is $18
    • any line of text that appears all at once

crop video ($49)

standard video is delivered as 1920x1080. 

  • first delivered crop is free 
    • each additional crop is 1 $49 add on
note: we can zoom in on clips for no extra cost. the crop add on refers to the final delivered aspect ratio of the MP4 and/or GIF.